Slim, Blonde White Shemale With Big Fake Boobs

God bless silicone and a good tan. When I first came across this gallery on a TGP I thought it was a girl shoot, not a t-girl shoot. Boy (pun!), was I wrong. While it is a bit unsatisfying that her cock doesn’t get at all hard, her penis at least tries and so does she. I prefer my girls, and ladyboys, to be tall, slim, big boobs and love anal sex. This one fits the bill, plus it has a fat, long, thick, juicy cock I can play with as well. I must admit there were a few free galleries to this site that were absolutely terrible. The big black shemale they had on the bunk galleries I saw looked more manly than the Governator!

After seeing the hideous ebony tranny I’m not sure I’d be inclined to join this site, but it won’t hurt for you to give it a look and see for youself.

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